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Warning - Frozen Meat Truck Going Door to Door «
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Warning - Frozen Meat Truck Going Door to Door

I received a “scam alert” from Cop Talk Live, indicating that there was a warning out to Olmsted County residents that a frozen meat truck was going door to door selling meat products. According to this alert, the meat may not be refrigerated properly, and according to a Goodhue County Sheriff Deputy looked like storage of the meat may have been in violation of health codes.

I can confirm this report! People in a truck like this came by home in Byron two days ago asking if I was interested in any meat. I declined, thinking it was a bizarre business plan anyway to sell meat door to door unsolicited. If anyone sees this truck, law enforcement would like you to call them right away at 328-6800 so they can follow up and make sure they are not doing anything illegal.

Here is the note from the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office notifying Rochester Police about this incident.

“Tonight I had a call about North Star Meats selling door to door. I found them at Kwik Trip and spoke with them. They are selling door to door as I was told. They started out the relationship by lying to me. About three weeks ago I saw the van SB on 52 and it looked shady, I googled the business, the van is a full size van with an old North Star hockey type logo on it.

The net says they are shady, selling outdated product other underhanded stuff. When we were talking tonight I saw the “freezer” they had in the back of this crusty van. There was meat just laying out in the air in the back, not refrigerated. Also the inside of the freezer was naked house insulation. Has to be several pages of health code violations there.

They are a legit business, they have door hangers and the such. One of the guys had a pocket full of receipts so they appear to be selling things. Gross.

Just wanted to share, I told them that there would be trouble if I had to talk to any of them again.”

Sent to Rochester Police Department by the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office

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3 Responses to “Warning - Frozen Meat Truck Going Door to Door”

  1. Mike says:

    this sounds like the same conversation I had on the DU board several months ago. and I determined that the researcher did not research it too much.. As you all know every meat package has a USDA number, if you check that number in the USDA meat packing houses it registers to a packing house/private business in West central MN ..

    the truck that came to my place was just like the Sampson’s milk truck and Swains Ice cream truck,, so, they also come door to door,, I wouldn’t trust those guys either?? Or how about those Deli Express trucks… they frequent truck stops and gas stations peddling there sandwiches.

    Do your research, but research it well. don’t believe web logs for accruate reports.

  2. Josh says:

    You make a good point Mike, but also the Schwann’s man and others have established routes, permits to do business, etc. Different situation.

    I heard this guy rolling through Byron selling meat didn’t have a permit either, so that’s another strike against him.

    Bottom line is, if there’s a legit company stopping at your door to do business, feel free to ask for their permit, and make sure to inspect their goods to your satisfaction before purchasing. If you ever feel suspicious or in danger, always call law enforcement.

  3. Brandon says:

    I just want you all to know that if you report situations like this enough to the USDA, North star will be out of our hair forever. They are the governing authority on such matters and if we are all diligent enough the problem will resolve itself. Thank you and don’t forget you are just one of many so please join me in getting this Northstar outfit removed from Minnesota.

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